Family business
since 1989


Our family company started our father. Now the next generation is building the future of Moba d.o.o. Sisters Mojca and Milena are running the company with a team of 30 employees.

Stable growth


Stable growth gives us opportunities for the development of technologies and optimization of our processes.

Our main advantage is our flexibility.


Because we are small company, we build our advantage in fast and just-in-time production method.
And also on custom-made solutions for smaller quantity order.
So if you have for custom-made ergonomic slatted bed base,
Moba d.o.o. is the right company for you.

we produce more than

80.000 bed bases

high-quality ergonomic slatted bed bases

We are proud of our customers
furnishing segment

We export our products in

6 European countries

and you can find them in 60 furniture shops around Germany